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Arabic is a living language of the world. Its literary heritage is rich. From time immemorial of its history it has never failed in fulfilling the demands of changing world. There are several Arab literary figures whose works are counted as world classics. In 1988, it was a feat for Arabic language and literature when Nageeb Mahfuz was awarded Nobel Prize for his contribution to the field of Arabic novel. Besides, Arabic is the official language of 18 Arab countries, fourth language of the world and sixth language of UNO. The oil boom in 1920 converted the Arabian Desert into a golden hen. It became a haven for people from all over the world looking for earning quick buck. People from all over the world including India turned to Arab countries for employment that was facilitated by their knowledge of Arabic language. Keeping in view this huge potential of the language, the University started the Department of Arabic when it came into existence in 2005.

             Department of Arabic

The Department of Arabic since its establishment has made several strides. The department which started with only M. A. Program and three faculty members and seventeen students is now offering all courses from B. A.(Hons) to PhD and there are nearly ninety five students, including nineteen research scholars in M.Phil and Ph.D under the guidance and teaching of young and dynamic faculty members.

This glimpse shows that the Department has continuously marched on the path of progress. Along with routine academic teaching, the Department has been continuously organizing several literary activities like seminar, workshop, extension lectures and symposia.