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S.No. Nature of Event Event Title
1 Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah Lecture series-II "Arabic language and Literature in Jammu and Kashmir" by Dr. Muzaffar Hussain Nadvi, 25 April 2018.
2 One Day State level Seminar "Arabic and Urdu Short Story; Art and Technique”25 April, 2018
3 Lecture ✵   Extension Lecture on IPR on April 9, 2018.    
4 Extension lecture "Role of Ulemas in the Indian Societies” Prof. Mohsin Usmani Nadvi, Former Head, Department of Arabic EFL Hyderabad, 09 September 2017
5 Extension lecture ”Importance of Arabic Language in the modern Age” Prof. Mohd. Ayoub Tajuddin Nadvi, Head, Department of Arabic Jamia Millia Islamia, 21 March 2017
6 One Day State level Seminar “Impact of Arabic on the regional languages of Pir Pnajal región” 11 March 2017
7 Extension Lecture "Future of Arabic Language” by Prof. Zubair Ahmed Farooqi, Former Head, Department of Arabic Jamia Millia Islamia, 29 March 2016
8 Extension Lecture "Importance of Arabic Language” by Prof. MN Khan, Former Head Department of Arabic DU, 29 March 2016
9 National Seminar Two Days National Seminar on “Furture of Arabic Language in 21st Century” 2-3 May 2016
10 Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah Lecture series-I "Resistance in Palestinian Poetry” by Prof. Syed Kafeel Ahmed Qasmi, Dean Faculty of Arts, AMU, February 23, 2015
11 Extension Lecture “Importance of modern Arabic literature” by Prof. M N Khan, former HoD Arabic, University of Delhi, February 23, 2015
12 National Seminar “Principals of writing of Hamza in Arabic” by Dr, Nasim Akhter, Associate Professor, Department of Arabic, JMI, January 31, 2015
13 Extension Lecture “Simultanios Translation from Arabic to English and Vice Versa” by Professor Mujeebur Rahman, Head Department of Arabic, JNU, January 21, 2015
14 Extension Lecture "Importance of Linguistics with special reference to the Sansikirit Language” by Professor Ramnika Jalali, Former Head Department of Sansikirit, Dean Faculty of Arts, University of Jammu, August , 2014
 15 National Seminar One day National Seminar on “Arabic Lnaguage in the Age of Science and Technology” on November 16, 2013,
 16 Extension Lecture “Fundamentals of Mastering in Arabic Language” by Professor Manzoor Ahmed Khan, Former Head Department of Arabic, University of Kashmir, January 20, 2013
 17 National Workshop One day workshop on Linguistics; Importance and Aspects (Under UGC sponsorship). (24thSeptember 2012)
 18 Extension Lecture "Importance of Arabic Language in Modern World”. by Professor M. N. Khan, Head department of Arabic, University of Delhi. September 09, 2012.
 19 Extension Lecture “Importance of Art and literature in Modern period.” by Prof. Shad Hussain, Head, Deptt. Of Arabic University of Kashmir. July 19, 2012.
 20 Extension Lecture “Arabic Language and Literature in Arabian Gulf” by Dr. Zubair Farooq Al Arshi (DUBAI). April 18, 2012.
21  Seminar One day Seminar on Maulana Abul Kalam Azad on the occasion of his birthday. 21 November 2011
22 Workshop One day Workshop cum Seminar on “Arabic language In J&K State” (5th June 2010)