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Vision & Mission  
Course Scheme  
Research Project  


Course Scheme 

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester I

ECE-121  Communication Skills                                                                           
ECE-122  Mathematics-I                                                                                      
ECE-123  Computer Fundamentals                                                                      
ECE-124  Basic Electronics                                                                                   
ECE-125  Engineering Mechanics                                                                         
ECE-126  Engineering Drawing

Laboratory Course

ECE-131  Computer Fundamentals                                                                      
ECE-132  Basic Electronics                                                                                  
ECE-133  Engineering Mechanics                                                                        
ECE-134  Workshop Practice

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester II

ECE-221 Fundamentals of Mech. Engg.                                                                 
ECE-222 Mathematics-II                                                                                        
ECE-223 C Programming                                                                                       
ECE-224  Basic Electrical Engineering                                                                     
ECE-225  Engineering Physics                                                                                
ECE-226  Engineering Chemistry & Env. Sc.     

Laboratory Course

ECE-231  C Programming                                                                                       
ECE-232  Basic Electrical  Engineering                                                                    
ECE-233  Engineering Physics                                                                                
ECE-234  Engineering Chemistry

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester III

ECE-321  Mathematics-III                                                     
ECE-322  EM Wave Theory                                                    
ECE-323  Solid state electronic device                                                          
ECE-324  Signals & Systems                                                           
ECE-325  Digital Electronics                                                            
ECE-326  Advanced Electronic Circuit  

 Laboratory Course

ECE-331   MATLAB Programming                                                      
ECE-332  Digital Electronics                                                            
ECE-333  Advanced Electronic Circuit

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester IV

ECE-421  Mathematics-IV                                                         
ECE-422 Network Analysis & Synthesis                                                                  
ECE-423 Analog Communication System                                                               
ECE-424Linear Integrated Circuits                                                                            
ECE-425  Antenna & Wave Propagation    
ECE-426  Elec. Measurements & Instrument.

Laboratory Courses

ECE-432  Analog Comm. Systems                                                         
ECE-433  Linear Integrated Circuits        

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester V 

ECE-521 Electronic Multimedia Engg.                                                             
ECE-522 mProcessor & Interfacing                                                                  
ECE-523 Pulse & Switching Circuits                                                                
ECE-524 Digital Com. Systems                                                                       
ECE-525 Linear Control Systems                                                                    
ECE-526 Electrical Machines

Laboratory Courses

ECE-531 Digital Comm. Systems                                                                    
ECE-532 mProcessor & Interfacing                                                                  
ECE-533 Electrical Machines

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester VI

ECE-622  Mobile & Wireless Comm.                                                                       
ECE-623  Digital Signal Processing                                                                        
ECE-624  Data Comm. & Comp. NWs                                                                     
ECE-625 Random Processes and Information Theory                                                            
ECE-626  Adv. mprocessor and mControllers       

Laboratory Courses

ECE-631 Power Electronics                                                                                  
ECE-632 Digital Signal Processing                                                                       
ECE-633  Adv. mprocessor and mControllers

At the end of semester VI students are required to attend an Industrial Training for 6 weeks duration, during summer vacations. After the completion of training every student is required to prepare a detailed report of the training work which he/she has attended in an Organization/Industry/Company. Industrial Training shall be an essential component of curriculum to fulfill the eligibility criteria for appearing in semester VII university examination. Beside this a Minor Project will also be allotted to each student/group of students which has to be completed during semester VII. The examination of Industrial Training and Mini Project shall be conducted during semester VII examination

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester VII

ECE-721  Microwave Engineering                                                               
ECE-722  Optical Communication                                                               
ECE-723  ED Management                                                                         
ECE-724  Elective-I                                                                                   
ECE-725  Elective-II                                                                                  
ECE-726  Major Project Phase-1    

Laboratory Courses

ECE-731 Microwave/Optical Comm.                                                            
ECE-732 PCB and VLSI                                                                               
ECE-733 Ind. Training

During the semester students are required to complete the Minor Project work under the supervision of an allotted mentor. The Minor Project shall normally be evaluated through the quality of work carried out, the report submission content and presentation. The evaluation shall be done by a committee consisting of

  1. Head of the Department
  2. One member nominated by Principal
  3. Coordinator(s)/Supervisor(s) of minor project/training

Mini Project : Practical Work/Fabrication of Model/Drawing etc.
Industrial Training

Elective Papers

Students will be required to opt for one elective paper, from ECE-741 toECE-745 and other from ECE-751 to ECE-755.

The choice of electives will rest with the students. However, in no case will the department run more than two subjects for one elective paper.

Seventh Semester Electives-I

ECE-741 Biomedical Instrumentation

ECE-742 Advanced control Engineering

ECE-743 Electronic workshop Technology

ECE-744 Industrial Technology

ECE-745 Embedded System

Seventh Semester Electives-II

ECE-751 Non-Conventional Energy Sources

ECE-752 Power Systems

ECE-753 VLSI Design

ECE-754  Radar Engineering

ECE-755 Neural Networks


Course Code & Course Title For  Semester VIII                                                                                                                

ECE-821 Major Project                                                                               
ECE-83X Elective-III                                                                                  
ECE-84X Elective-IV           

After the university examination of semester VII every student shall be allotted a Major Project pertaining to his/her stream under the supervision of an allotted mentor. Students are required to report in their respective departments to do preliminary exercise of survey of literature and preparation of a road map of the selected Major project under the supervision of an allotted mentor. Students are required to complete the Major project work during semester VIII. Depending upon the infrastructure, computing and other laboratory facility the student shall be offered in-house project on campus or they can complete their project work in any organization/Industry outside the campus. Major Project shall be evaluated externally through the quality of work carried out, the report submission content and presentation. The distribution of marks shall be as follow.

Eighth Semester Electives-III

ECE-841 Analog Mixed Signal Design
ECE-842 Nano-Technology
ECE-843 Advanced 3G and 4G wireless Mobile communication
ECE-844 Optical Networks
ECE-845 RF IC Design
ECE-846 Real Time Operating Systems(RTOS)

Eighth Semester Electives- IV   

ECE-851 Device Modelling for Circuit Simulations
ECE-852 Satellite Communication
ECE-853 Advanced Communication Systems
ECE-854 Digital Image Processing
ECE-855 Optoelectronic Devices
ECE-856 PLCs and SCADA