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Department of Urdu

Pir Panjal region happens to hold a respectable niche in the domain of literary taste and temperament and has well-grounded understanding of all that is going on around in the world.  This region of Jammu and Kashmir State is known for its composite culture and the lingual crisscross. Kashmiri, Gojri, Pahari and Dogri are the major languages that are spoken along this line. BGSBU is, in fact, the translation of a long-cherished dream of the people of this area and is the reward of their untiring and strenuous efforts for a long time.  At the same time it will not be out of place to say that after the establishment of a university on the soil of Rajouri they also craved for an independent department of Urdu in the University for the proper manuring and pruning of the Urdu-Loving lot of this area.  There is no doubt that the  contribution of these twin districts of Jammu and Kashmir i.e Rajouri- Poonch to the promotion of Urdu language and literature stands preserved in the golden letters of the history and shall always be stamped on the portals     of the generations to come as well.
The people of this region are indebted, with all reverence, to Jenab Prof Javed Musarrat-the Honourable Vice Chancellor for extending sanction to establishment of this department in the university on January 17, 2017. Another step of the Honourable VC closely and inextricably connected with it was the appointment Dr Mushtaq Ahmed Wani as Assistant Professor and Head of Department who is expected to facilitate the opportunities of research and promotion of this subject and work tangibly to hitch the wagon of this department to the stars in future. This praiseworthy and philomathic step taken by Jenab Javed Musarrat-the Honourable Vice Chancellor injected a ray of hope among the Urdu knowing circles in particular and various other literary stalwarts of this far flung corner of the state in general.  The Department is still at its rudimentary stage but is expected to make the meaningful strides in the domain of its progress provided the multi-lateral patronage of Jenab Javed Musarrat Saheb-the Honourable Vice Chancellor, the innovative guidance and counseling of the enlightened segment of this region, the cordial cooperation of the common masses and above all the love and affection of the beloved students of the department are available to the Management at every tick of clock. Jenab Javed Musarrat-Honourable Vice Chancellor has stepped up the morale of many students to make their career in Urdu and has encouraged those who had to go to other universities of the State or outside for PG in Urdu. At the moment, the PG Course in Urdu is successfully going on and the research work will also be started very shortly. Dr Mushtaq Amed Wani has taken over as the first Head of Department and is expected to instrrumnetalise his chair and the auspices of the Honourable Vice Chancellor to render an impetus to the flowering of this department apart from the character formation of the learners and turning them out into an exemplary asset for the society.