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Course Scheme  
Research Project  

Department of Computer Science

Course Scheme

M.A. Urdu 

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester I

MUR-101 Mathematical Classical Urdu Ghazal
MUR-102 Urdu Masnavi
MUR-103 Urdu Qasida
MUR-104 Urdu Marsiya

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester II

MUR-201 Jadeed Urdu Ghazal
MUR-202 Jadeed Urdu Nazm &Architecture
MUR-203 Urdu Novel 
MUR-204 Urdu Afsana

Choice Based Open Elective Course (Any one of the following)

Math- 201 Mathematical Tools for Real World Problems
I T-202 Soft Skills in Information Technology Comp-203 Computer Applications and Operations
Bio-204 Fundamentals of Biotechnology
Bot-205 Mysteries of Green Plants  
Bot-206 Botany in Rural Developments
Zol-207 Nutrition, Health & Hygiene
ARB-208 Fundamentals of Arabic Language Eng-209 Applied English
Edu-210 Higher Education
Eco-211 Principles of Banking  
HT-212 Basic of Tourism and Travel Agencies
HT-213 Tourism Resources of J&K
MGT-214 Business Communication and Soft Skills
Edu-215 Instructional Technology

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester III

MUR-301 Urdu Nasr Ki Tareekh
MUR-302 Urdu Adab Ki Tareekh
MUR-303 Urdu Drama  
MUR-304 Urdu Mein Adabi Tahreekat O Ruhjanat

Electives(Any one of the following)
MUR-305 Special Study of Mir Taqi Mir
MUR-306 Special Study of Iqbal
MUR-307 Special Study of Prem Chand MUR-308 Special Study of Sir Syed Tahreek
MUR-309 Translation Urdu to English and Vice Versa

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester IV

MUR-401 Ghair Afsanavi Nasr
MUR-402 Urdu mein Tahqeeq aur Tanqeed ki Rewayat
MUR-403 Urdu ke muasir adabi nazireyat(Theories)
MUR-404 Zaraya Tarseel o Ibagh
MUR-405 Project Report (Maqala)