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The Central Library, BGSB University works under the supervision of Library Advisory Committee of which Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor is the chairman. The library as on date stands divided into twelve sections viz., Circulation, Acquisition, Classification, Cataloguing, Periodical, Internet Lab, Reference and information services, stack Area, reading Room, Newspapers and Magazines, Digital Documents and Thesis Section. The Library remains open from 900 hrs to 2400 hrs during the weekdays and from 900 hrs to 1700 hrs during weekends and other holidays. The Central Library observes only national holidays. With the view to provide library services to students, scholars and faculty in their respective departments, departmental libraries have been so far established in the School of Engineering and Technology, Department of Mathematics, School of Biosciences and Biotechnology, Colleges of Nursing in Rajouri, Jammu and Kishtwar. In near future departmental libraries will be also established in other departs on the similar lines.
The Central Library as on date maintains a collection of over 45000 documents, including more than 2000 Digital Documents, which stand fully classified as per Dewey Decimal Scheme of classification (DDC). Library maintains a separate book bank meant for students coming from humble family backgrounds and those belonging to other socially disadvantaged sections of society. The book bank as on date maintains a very small collection of books and it is being contemplated to develop a healthy book bank where under books will be issued to all needy and deserving students for full semester.  The Central Library, BGSB University stands registered as an institutional member of DELNET (Developing Libraries Network). DELNET is day by day becoming a global network having over 6650 libraries as members within India and over 25 member libraries from other countries. DELNET as on date maintains a bibliographical database of the holding list of all the member libraries, which is a union catalogue of over 27 million documents. Members libraries can acquire any of these documents at any time, except those pertaining to grey literature, within a fortnight on inter library loan basis under the agreement signed. On the similar lines, bibliographical database of the Central Library BGSB University stands hosted on IndiaCat (A union bibliographic database of more than 184 universities with more than 14 million records maintained by INFLIBNET). The Central Library BGSB University also stands registered as an institutional member of the National Digital Library (NDL), having over 10 million documents in over 70 different languages.  

The Central Library subscribes IEEE database, a few electronic journals and has been provided access to couple of databases under eShodhSindhu. The library also subscribes more than 80 National and Foreign print Journals. The library has also been granted access to world eBook Library under NDL, where by library members can access more than 10000 ebooks and other related documents.   Apart from these the routine library service offered to library members include circulation service, reference & information service, reprographic facility, Periodical service, CD-ROM browsing, online access and internet facility to members. The library subscribes more than 20 daily newspapers and almost equal no of magazines in English, Hindi and Urdu Languages, just to keep library members acquainted with current affairs and the latest developments in their area of interest. Library maintains a complete database of library collection on SOUL software (Software for University Libraries) installed for automating library services and activities. Data entry of documents is up to date, online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) service is being provided to members on intranet in entire campus on KOHA software. To provide the federated search facility of online subscribed and free e-resources, a website has been specially designed for the purpose, which can be accessed at https://sites.google.com/site/clbgsbuniversity. The research prowess or research output of the University, BGSB University and their citations can be viewed at its google scholar account, which can be accessed at https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=sKVorqUAAAAJ&hl=en. The researchers of the university can send their latest published research results to Assistant Librarian for updation.

The Central Library, BGSB University has so far received grants from the agencies like, Department of social welfare Govt. of Jammu and Kashmir, Central Wakf Council, National Board of Higher Mathematics, Department of Biotechnology, GOI etc from time to time. Apart from this, library also receives a good number of books as gifts from generous donors; all such documents have been maintained as gratis record. Efforts are afoot to make the university library a house of wisdom where knowledge will rest and be exploited to its optimum through quality library service.

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