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Department Of Civil Engineering Polytechnic


                                                   Sustainable Environmental Management

          An ICT based program on "sustainable environmental management” was held on 14-18 September 2016 in collaboration with NITTTR Chandigarh. Program was focused on finding solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental problems. Using a multidisciplinary approach, we had an opportunity to learn and discuss impact on current and future policy and planning across a range of environmental areas, education and change. Sustainable management takes the concepts from sustainability and synthesizes them with the concepts of managementSustainability has three branches: the environment, the needs of present and future generations, and the economy. Using these branches, it creates the ability of a system to thrive by maintaining economic viability and also nourishing the needs of the present and future generations by limiting resource depletion. From this definition, sustainable management has been created to be defined as the application of sustainable practices in the categories of businessesagriculturesociety, environment, and personal life by managing them in a way that will benefit current generations and future generations. Sustainable management is needed because it is an important part of the ability to successfully maintain the quality of life on our planet. Sustainable management can be applied to all aspects of our lives. For example, the practices of a business should be sustainable if they wish to stay in businesses, because if the business is unsustainable, then by the definition of sustainability they will cease to be able to be in competition. Communities are in a need of sustainable management, because if the community is to prosper, then the management must be sustainable. Forest and natural resources need to have sustainable management if they are to be able to be continually used by our generation and future generations. Our personal lives also need to be managed sustainably. This can be by making decisions that will help sustain our immediate surroundings and environment, or it can be by managing our emotional and physical well-being. Sustainable management can be applied to many things, as it can be applied as a literal and an abstract concept. Meaning, depending on what they are applied to the meaning of what it is can change.