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Course Scheme  
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Department Of Electrical Engineering Polytechnic

The department has been imparting quality Engineering Education and is grooming students in all facets of Creative Learning, technical competency; Character building and overall personality development through will qualified and experienced faculty members.

Objective - The objective of the department is to impart knowledge base & skill sets in the field of electrical engineering by providing learning ambience for academics & research leading to global competence. we not only aim on theoretical knowledge but also provide the students exposure to the developing society so that they can build their future in a better way.

Vision - The discipline of Electrical Engineering is transforming our world, changing the way we work & live. Global warming is the major concern of the whole World for the survival of human kind. Green technology is one of the emerging & widely accepted solutions to overcome this crisis. Hence the research & innovation in this field is the need of the future. Therefore we have to create an enabling environment for training innovative, capable & highly motivated intellectual manpower to meet India’s & World’s Technological needs in close partnership with the industry.