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Academic Schedule for Even Semesters (Jan-July, 2023) School of Engineering and Technology

Academic Calendar for Academic Session 2022-23 Except Nursing

Academic Schedule for Even Semesters (Jan-July, 2022) School of Engineering and Technology

Academic Calendar for School of Engineering & Technology for AY 2021-22 

Academic Calendar for Academic Year 2021-2022 

Academic Calendar for September-January 2020-2021 

Academic Calendar 2020-2021 

Revised Academic Schedule 2019-2020 

Academic Calender 2019-2020 

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Previous Academic Calendar (Pre-Covid 19)

Commencement of Admission Process:                   June, 1st Week  
Finalization of Admission     July, 1st Week  
Commencement of Odd Semester Classwork:                     July, 16th  
End of Odd Semester Class Work:     Nov, 14th  
Preparatory Holidays:     Nov, 15-24                                       
Odd Semester Examinations :     Nov, 25- Dec, 20  
Winter Break:     Dec 21-Jan, 01  
Commencement of Even Semester Class Work:     Jan, 02  
End of Even Semester Class work:     April, 30th  
Peparatory Holidays:     May,1-10th  
Even Semester Examinations:     May 11-June 4  
Summer Vacation:     June, 5 to July 15  
Festival Vacations -I*:     One Week  
Assessment Test/ Assignment :     The Dean of School of Studies may fix these dates in consultation with the concerened heads of the department  
*Festival Vacations shall be observed on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha every year.