Department of English


Since the inception of the Department in 2014, the Department of English has been engaged in imparting quality education, in keeping with the vision to bring enlightenment among the learners towards the peace, progress and prosperity. The major role in introducing English Studies in the University is to facilitate the learners of the region with the basic language skills besides acquainting them with the enlightenment of Literature. The Department has five Assistant Professors one Teaching Assistant and two Non Teaching members on its staff.

In view of the wide scope and importance of the English language and literature, particularly the aid it provides in gaining opportunities of employability, the Department has initiated a full time post-graduate programme in English extending over two years in four semesters. Research degree programme has also been commenced from March 2017.

             Front View of Deparment

 The Department is keen to start some professional Certificate/Diploma courses including online Spoken  English and phonetic transcription course in future.