Department of Education


The Department was established in 2014. The faculty is contributing considerably to the promotion of teaching and research in Education. The course contents are kept in pace with changing trends in teaching and learning of emerging technologies, resources and services, systems and network.


 To emerge as a nationally/internationally accredited Department of Education with a capacity to design and provide quality assured opportunities of studies, extension, development, consultancy and research in Education.

             Front View of Deparment


            To produce nationally/ globally acceptable Human Resources in Education through:


            Providing instruction by making use of a combination of indigenous and innovative methods of teaching.


            Evolving globally acceptable curriculum and continuously renewing the same by means of programme evaluation.


            Advancing the frontiers of knowledge in Education and Teacher Education by means of both quantitative and qualitative researches at basic, applied and action level.


            Extending the wealth of knowledge of education to the practitioners of education and hitherto inaccessible sections of the society.


            Developing advanced programmes, tools and techniques which are useful in the field of education.


            Providing expertise in resolving academic problems faced by the Teachers. Administrators, Managers, Planners and Practitioners of education.
✵   Programme Objective of B.Ed.

✵   Programme Objective of M.Ed.

✵   Programme Objective of Master of Arts in Education.

✵   Programme Objective M.Phil & Ph.D Education.