Students Code of Conduct

Discipline referrers to the observance of good conduct and orderly behavior by the students of the University. A student is required to maintain discipline and conduct himself within and outside the University in a manner befitting the student of a University of repute. He shall show due courtesy and consideration to the employees of the University. He shall pay due respect to the teachers of the University and Wardens of the Hostels and shall pay attention and courtesy to the visitors. He shall lead a life of earnest endeavour and cooperation.


Breach of discipline shall include:-

i)   Misconduct or misbehavior of any nature towards a teacher, employee or any visitor to the University.

ii) Disobeying the instruction of teachers or the authorities; non-adherence to the rules and regulations of the hostel or act of indiscipline or misconduct in classroom/laboratory/playgrounds etc.

iii) Causing damage, spoiling or disfiguring the university/hostel property/fellow student’s belongings/equipment of the University.

iv) Misconduct or misbehavior of any nature at the examination centre/use of unfair means in tests/examinations.

v)  Any other act of criminal nature or any other act unbecoming of a student.

vi)  An activity likely to disrupt the orderly functioning of the University.


A student whose conduct has not been good may be temporarily or permanently debarred from continuing in the University. The students shall not convene any meeting in any part of the Campus and no person shall be invited to address any meeting or assemblage without prior permission of the Chief Proctor/Dean of students. Students found guilty of breach of discipline shall be liable to punishment as prescribed below:-

i)  Fine

ii) Campus ban

iii) Expulsion, or

iv) Rustication