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Department of Information Technology

Programme Outcome

PO1: The Programme is aimed towards building prospective career in the field of Information Technology and is designed with the objective to provide knowledge and skills in the various aspects of Information Technology and core programming.

PO2: To prepare for advanced education in Information Technology and aim of the programme is to increase the number of skilled IT professionals and academicians.

PO3: : To provide enough skill and applied knowledge of Information technology and computing to produce effective designs and solutions for specific problems.

PO3: To prepare Post Graduates who will be successful in industry, government, academia, research, and entrepreneurial pursuit.

PO4: Student will develop software solutions to problems across a broad range of application domain.

PO5: Graduates will be able to communicate technical information effectively, both orally and in writing. Graduates will be able to work collaboratively as a member or leader in multidisciplinary teams.

PO6: Student get computing paradigm to use software development tools and modern computing platforms.

PO7: An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility and demonstrate a sense of societal and ethical responsibility in all professional endeavors.