Centre for Research in Pahari, Gojri, and Kashmiri Languages
Pahari or Pahadi is used for a variety of languages, dialects and language groups, normally found in the lower Himalayas. The linguists classify Pahari languages  into three groups with following languages or dialect:

1.      Eastern Pahari – Jumli, Nepali and Palpa

2.      Central Pahari – Kumaoni, Garhwali and Doti

3.    Western PahariThere are a dozen of western Pahari languages of which Dogri and Kangra are the best known. (However the Pahari language spoken in Pir Panjal region of J&K has not been studied systematically and thus not included in this classification)

Pahari is widely spoken in the Himalayan Region and therefore also known as Himalayan. It is an Indo-European language particularly from the Indo-Iranian branch of languages. The Paharis are historically ancient, having been mentioned by the authors Pliny and Herodotus and figuring in India's epic poem, the Mahabharata.