Department of Arabic

Course Scheme

M.A Arabic

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester I

MAR 141 Classical Arabic Prose - I
MAR 142 Classical Arabic Poetry - I
MAR 143 History of Arabic Literature - I 
MAR 144 Applied Arabic Grammar and   Morphology

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester II

MAR 241 Classical Arabic Prose - II 
MAR 242 Classical Arabic Poetry - II 
MAR 243 History of Arabic Literature - II 

Choice Based Open Elective Courses (One of the following)

Math 201 Mathematical Tools for Real   World Problems 
IT     202  Soft Skills in Information   Technology 
Comp 203 Computer Applications &   Operations
Bio   204  Fundamentals of Biotechnology 
Bot   205 Mysteries of Green Plants 
Bot   206  Botany in Rural Development 
Zol   207  Nutrition, Health & Hygiene
Eng  209 Applied English 
Edu  210 Higher Education 
Eco  211  Principles of Banking 
HT 212 Basics of Tourism & Travel Agencies 
HT 213 Tourism Resources of J&K 
Mgt. 214 Business Communication and Soft Skills 
Edu 215 Instructional Technology

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester III

MAR 341 Modern Arabic prose I
MAR 342 Modern Arabic Poetry - I 
MAR 343 Translation: English to Arabic & Vice - Versa - I

Choice Based Complementary Elective Courses (One of the following courses )
MAR 344 Fundamentals of Literary Criticism 

MAR 345 Arabic Literature in India 
MAR 346 Mahjar Literature 
MAR 347 Arabic Literature in Spain 
MAR 348 Modern Trends in Arabic Literature

Electives (Any one of the Following)

MAR 338 Arabic Literature in India
MAR 339 Arabic Literature in Spain
MAR 340 Modern Trends in Arabic Literature

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester IV
MAR 441 Modern  Arabic Prose - II 

MAR442  Modern  Arabic Poetry - II 
MAR 443 Translation: English to Arabic &   Vice Versa - II
MAR 444 Fundamentals of Rhetoric 
MAR 445 Viva Voce 

B. A. (Hons) Arabic

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester I

BAR-111 Arabic Text-I
BAR-112 Arabic Grammar (Syntax  & Morphology) I
BAR-113 Urdu-I(Ghazal And Nazm)
BAR-114 Islamic Studies-I (Islam: Early phase)                             
BAR-115 General English-I                                                             

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester II

BAR-211  Arabic Text-II                                          
BAR-212 Arabic Grammar (Syntax & Morphology) II                                                   
BAR-213 Urdu –II (Qasida, Mrsiah, Masnawi and Rubayee)                                                               
BAR-214 Islamic Studies-II (Islam: a way of Life)
BAR-215General English-II

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester III

BAR-311 Arabic Text-III                                                                                              
BAR-312 Arabic Grammar (Syntax & Morphology)-III                                                 
BAR-313 Urdu–III (Mazmoon Nigari and Khaka)                                                         
BAR-314 Islamic Studies-III (Islamic Civilization under the Abbasid and Muslim Spain)                                 
BAR-315 General English-III                                                                                       
BAR-316 Environmental Science

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester IV

BAR-411 Arabic Text-IV 
BAR-412 Arabic Grammar  IV(Syntax & Morphology)   
BAR-413 Urdu- IV (Novel & Afsana)
BAR-414 Islamic Studies-IV (Islamic Sciences)
BAR-415 General English-IV

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester V    
BAR-511 Arabic Prose                                                                         
BAR-512 Translation (Arabic -English & Vice versa)                                                                           
BAR-513 Introduction to the Arab World                                                                                  
BAR-514 Urdu-V (Drama & Tanzo Mazah)                                                                                        
BAR-515 Islamic Studies-V (Islam in the modern world)                                                                          
BAR-516 General English-V

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester VI

BAR-611 Arabic Prose and Poetry                                                                                                
BAR-612 Oral Expression in Arabic                                                                                                 
BAR-613 History of Arabic Literature                                                                                              
BAR-614 Urdu –VI (Adabi Tanqeed)                                                                                                
BAR-615 Islamic Studies-VI (Islamic Tenets and Institutions)                                                                  
BAR-616 General English-VI