Programme Outcome of Arabic



PO 1:The subjects of the progrmmes focus on teaching students classical and modern Arabic language and literature; Prose, Poetry, History of Arabic literature, Translation, Arabic Linguistics, Rhetoric, literary criticism, Indo Arab literature and Research Methodology etc.

PO 2:Enhancing the reading, writing and speaking skills of the students in Arabic.

PO 3:Making them well acquainted with Arabic Prose and Poetry, works and contribution of the writers and poets of Arabic.

PO 4:Enhancing their analytical and research skills in Arabic language and literature.

PO 5:Enabling them to critically examine and analyze a wide range of text in Arabic literature within various social, cultural, political and philosophical contexts.

PO 6:Providing job avenues in the field of education, journalism, business and industry, finance and banking, translation and interpretation, foreign services and other areas.