Department of Botany


S.No. Nature of Event Event Title
 1 World Earth Day    A number of saplings of succulents, xerophytes and other important plants were planted on the occasion    
2 Exhibition An exhibition of straw based products was held and a lecture on “Science and Social welfare/Science in the Service of Community “as a tribute to the inspirational works of Bapu and Ba was organized on 9th of October, 2018 in collaboration with National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI). 
3 National Conference A National conference on, “Ethnobotany and traditional knowledge in biodiversity conservation” was organized by Department of Botany, School of Biosciences and Biotechnology, BGSB University, Rajouri on 8-9th of March, 2018 in collaboration with Indian Council for Social Science Research, New Delhi.. 
4 Brain Storming Session A series of Capacity Building Programmes was organized for rural women of Dhanore on 17th, 22nd February and on 11th and 22nd March, 2017. 
 5 National Workshop ✵   Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights Organized on 6th October 2016    
6 Two day Workshop Two days’ Workshop on “Science, Technology and Community wisdom : J&K Himalaya” was organised w.e.f 11-12th of May, 2016. The event was organised under the banner of Jammu chapter of RuTAG in collaboration with HESCO, Dehradun. 
7 Brain Storming Session Brain storming session was organized on World Earth Day – 22 April 2015. 
 8 Symposium Symposium on World Ozone Day - 16 September 2014.