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Department of Botany

Programme Specific Outcome (PSO) M. Sc Botany Programme


PSO 1: Development of understanding about lower plant groups; Algae, Lichens, Bryophytes,  Pteridophytes, and Bacteria and Viruses

PSO 2: Development of understanding about Fungi – the non-chlorophyllous plants

PSO 3: Development of understanding in the area of Molecular Biology (glance of Structure of nucleic acids, their replication, transcription, translation along with other important aspects of posttranscriptional and translational modifications) 

PSO 4: Development of understanding in the area of Cell Biology (glance of cell structure, programming of cell cycle, study of cellular organelles, chromosomal structure & behavior and other important aspects pertaining to this)

PSO 5: Development of understanding in the area of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry (glance of physiological processes, adaptation of plants, their anatomy, biochemical aspects of different cellular processes)

PSO 6: Development of understanding in the area of reproductive behavior of flowering plants

PSO 7: Development of understanding in the area of principles of taxonomy and systematics in plants, plant identification methods and their utilization 

PSO 8: Development of understanding on ecology and environmental biology

PSO 9: Development of understanding of statistical tools and their applicaton in biological sciences

PSO 10: Development of understanding about different components of forest ecology, ecological processes and their relation with different biodiversity elements

PSO 11: Development of understanding about plant biotechnology and applications of genetic engineering in both plants and microbes