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Department of Management Studies


I. Departmental Library:

 The Department of Management Studies has established a Departmental Library wherein the students can find almost all the books related to their Programme. The Library maintains a good number of books and journals. The University also has a well established Central Library maintains a collection of over 19,000 documents, including more than 1000 Digital Documents fully classified as per Dewey Decimal Scheme of Classification (DDC).

II. Internet/Wifi facility:

24 x 7 internet connectivity through dedicated 1Gbps optical fibre connectivity.

III. Computer Lab:

The Department has a well established Computer lab with internet/Wifi connectivity.

IV. Seminar Hall:

The Department has its own individual well established Seminar Hall that is used for group discussions, Seminars & Conferences

 V. The Class rooms of the Department are well equipped with ICT facilities such as Projector, LAN, Wifi etc.

VI. Seminars/Conferences/Workshops:

The Department continuously organises seminars, conferences & Workshops to give exposure to the students to the latest developments in the field of Business & Management

VII. Fully Functional Canteen within 20 feet's of Department.

VIII. Bank Facilities within the Campus.

IX. University transport facility is also available for the Students