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Department of Management Studies

Programme Specific Outcome


1.   MBA: The students after completion of the MBA programme from the University will be able to:     

    1. Start their career s an entrepreneur
    2. Collaborate effectively as a business leader
    3. Identify the Business opportunities & challenges for business growth both domestic as well as at global level
    4. Do strategic analysis effectively
    5. Demonstrate business knowledge to solve the complex business problems using limited resources
    6. Apply quantitative methods for solving business problems
    7. Work as a team leader and will be able to communicate effectively with all the members of the team.
    8. Possess the skills required to integrate concepts from various disciplines to develop & identify business strategies

2.  BBA: The objective the Department is to develop the Department as a centre of excellence for providing the Business Education at the undergraduate level. The students after completion of the BBA programme will be capable of doing any job in the current business world. They will also be able to pursue Masters Programme in Business Administration (MBA) to enhance their managerial skills. The students after successful completion of BBA Programme will be able to:

1.       To take business decisions based on the knowledge from the field of  finance, marketing or Human Resources Management

2.       Start their career as a Manager in a Business Organisation

3.       Identify and exploit business opportunities in the management profession

4.       Exercise all the required management skills and will be able to start their career as an entrepreneur.

5.       Solve any issue related to marketing, finance & human resource management in the organisations.

6.       Communicate effectively with the colleagues & subordinates in the organisation.

3.  PhD: The Department is offering PhD to the students for engaging in knowledge creation by involving themselves in research on the burning issues related to Business activities as well as social issues. The students after completion of the PhD programme from the University will be able to:

1.       Understand the importance of literature review and how it can be done to find the research problem and research gap.

2.       Have the understanding of various research tools & techniques required for doing business research

3.       Use the statistical tools for analyzing the data

4.       Understand the importance of citation and the right method of citation

5.       Understand the meaning of originality of the research work by avoiding the plagiarism


       4.   M.Phil: The Student after completion of the MPhil programme from the University will be able to

1.       Demonstrate critical understanding, at an advanced level, of up-to-date knowledge and research methodology in the field of Management Studies

2.       Identify the research problem by the method of observation or literature review

3.       To identify the research methodology & statistical tools to be used for conducting a research work on a particular problem related to society or Business organisations

4.       Implement effective academic and personal strategies for carrying out research projects independently and ethically

5.       Contribute original knowledge in response to issues in the field of Business Management

6.       Communicate research findings at a diverse range of levels and through a variety of media

7.       Evaluate one’s own research in relation to important and latest issues in the field