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Islamic Studies

 Course Scheme

   M.A. Islamic Studies

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester I

MIS-101 Introduction to Islamic Studies

MIS-102 History of Islamic Civilization: Origin and Development (upto Khulafa-i Rashidin)

MIS-103 Islamic Religious Sciences-I (Study of Quran)

MIS-104 Islamic Religious Sciences-II (Study of Hadith)

MIS-105 Proficiency in Arabic- I

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester II

MIS-201 History of Islamic Civilization (Umayyads and Abbasids)

MIS-202 Islamic Religious Sciences III (Fiqh)

MIS-203 Ilm-al-Kalam and Muslim Philosophy

MIS-204 Proficiency in Arabic-II

MIS-205 Introduction to Islamic Religious Sciences

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester II

MIS-301 History of Islamic Civilization in West Asia and Africa

MIS-302 Islam in the Modern World: West Asia and Africa (Thinkers, Trends & Movements)

MIS-303 Tasawwuf

MIS-304 Proficiency in Arabic-III

Complementary Choice Based Electives (Opt any one of the Following)

MIS-305 Islamic Dawah

MIS-306 Islamic Economics and Finance

MIS-307 Islam and Science

MIS-308 Islam and Gender Studies

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester IV

MIS-401 Islamic Civilization in Indian Sub- Continent

MIS-402 Islam in Modern World ( South  Asia): Thinkers, Trends and Movements

MIS-403 Human Rights in Islam

MIS-404 Major World Religions

MIS-405 Proficiency in Arabic-IV