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Islamic Studies


Programme Specific Outcome

The program of Masters in Islamic Studies consists of 5 major areas of thrust namely a) Islamic Religious Sciences (including study of Quran, Hadith and fiqh), b) the History of Islamic Civilization from beginning to the present age, c) Allied Islamic Sciences like Ilm al Kalam, Muslim Philosophy and Tasawwuf/ Mysticism d) Islam in modern world that includes development of Thinkers, movements and trends and e) Subjects of contemporary relevance /importance like Islam and Science, Gender Studies, Islamic Economics and Professional Ethics.

PSO 1    The student after completing MA Islamic Studies will have a clear concept of Islamic Teachings contained in Pry Texts and the right approaches to their interpretation.

PSO 2    Islam from its advent in early to present age has over the centuries faced many challenges and process of interactions has brought out major changes in outlook which the students will be able to appreciate after the completion of the course.

PSO 3    The monotheistic ideology of Islam faced challenge from Human thought and critical inquiry of philosophy and science which was effectively responded through process of Kalam and scholastic theology and now scientific theology as the time demanded. The knowledge of this whole process encourages and prepares the students to face and respond to the new questions with more ease and confidence.

PSO 4    Islam after 1800 CE faced new challenges in the form of Industrial growth, science and technology and the modern sociopolitical values like Democracy, secularism, human rights etc that forced Muslim scholars to introspect and come forth with appropriate  responses not only to existing but even prospective issues. The Students in this program are equipped with this necessary background knowledge and correct methodology of response.

PSO 5    Islam has always been open to genuine demands of time in all ages and the subject of contemporary relevance like economics, human rights, ethics and gender studies have not only been adopted but enriched/augmented with Islamic inputs, to update the outlook of the students to broader world view.