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Islamic Studies


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Islamic Studies is a subject which attempts to study the whole range of Islamic Civilization and culture. Its main interests include, besides the religion of Islam, such topics as the socio-economic, structure, development of various sciences and thought, cultural life, cosmology, mysticism, literature and fine arts, and many other aspects of Islamic civilization.

PO 1    Program of M.A. Islamic Studies offers courses in history, culture, and civilization, from pre-Islamic Arab culture to Islam in the modern age.

PO 2    Knowledge Islamic religious sciences, like Quran, Hadith and Fiqh including the methodology of interpretation of Islamic Texts.

PO 3    Knowledge of origin and development of Muslim sects, and their contribution to the development of various religious sciences from the early phase of Islam up to the modern period.

PO 4    Knowledge of the Muslim contribution to various disciplines in Physical and biosciences, technology and fine arts.

PO 5   Knowledge of origin and development of Scholastic theology, Kalam, and philosophy including Muslims contribution to science, technology and fine arts during the medieval period.

PO6     Compulsory knowledge of Arabic language for the students of Islamic Studies as the essential tool for study of Islam.

PO7     In view if the recent developments in the Islamic world, Islamic studies has broadened its area of studies, and in addition to courses on West Asia and North Africa, courses on central Asia and South Asia has also been introduced under the title of Islam and Modern Age, and Muslim Reform Movements.

PO8     Modern Subjects like, Human Rights, Gender Studies, Islamic Economics and Islam and Science form part of the postgraduate curriculum.

PO9     Students of Islamic Studies are provided authentic knowledge on Philosophy and Essential teachings of Major World Religions including the Interfaith Dialogue.