Centre for Hospitality and Tourism


  Course Scheme

 Master of Business Administration(Hospitality and Tourism)                  

 Course Code & Course Title for  Semester I

 MBAHTM-101     Management Perspectives & Organisational Behaviour
 MBAHTM-102     Managerial Economics
 MBAHTM-103     Statistical Methods
 MBAHTM-104     Basics of Hospitality Management
 MBAHTM-105     Computer Applications in Hospitality & Tourism Industry
 MBAHTM-106      Communication Skills

 Course Code & Course Title for  Semester II

 MBAHTM-220    Basics of Tourism.
 MBAHTM-221     Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism.
 MBAHTM-222    Financial Management and Accounting.  
 MBAHTM-223     Human Resource Management.
 MBAHTM-224     Research Methodology and Paper Presentation Skills

 Choice Based Open Electives

 HT-212     Basics of Tourism and Travel Agencies
 HT-213     Tourism Resources of Jammu & Kashmir.

 Course Code & Course Title for  Semester III

 MBAHTM-301     Strategic Management
 MBAHTM-302     Summer Training Report & Presentation.
 MBAHTM-303    Tourism Resources of Jammu & Kashmir
 MBAHTM-304    Front Office.

 Choice Based Complementary Electives

 MBAHTM-305    Basics of Event Management.
 MBAHTM-306     Tour Guiding & Escorting Skills.
 MBAHTM-307     Geography of Tourism and Destination Development.
 MBAHTM-308     Adventure, Wildlife & Cultural Tourism.
 MBAHTM-309     Viva Voce.

 Course Code & Course Title for  Semester IV

 MBAHTM-401    Tourism Resources & Geography of India.
 MBAHTM-402    Travel Agency & Tour Operations.
 MBAHTM-403    Tour Policy, Planning and Development.
 MBAHTM-404    Tourism Management in India.

 Complementary Electives

 MBAHTM-405    Entrepreneurship Development in Hospitality & Tourism.
 MBAHTM-406    Food & Beverage Management.
 MBAHTM-407    Accommodation Management.
 MBAHTM-408  Dimensions of International Tourism.
 MBAHTM-409  Viva-Voce

Diploma in Front Office, House Keeping and Food & Beverage Services                  

 Front Office

DFO-101            Front Office Operations.                                                

DFO-102           Principles of Accounting.                                              

DFO-103           Communication Skills & Office Organization.                                  

DFO-104           Basics of Computers.                                                      

DFO-150           Front Office Practical based on Theory.                                 

DFO-151            Practical on Computer Applications.                                       

DFO-152          Practical on Communication Skills & Office Organization.


 House Keeping

DHK-101           Housekeeping Operations                                             

DHK-102       Principles of Accounting.                                               

DHK-103      Communication Skills & Office Organization.                                  

DHK-104      Basics of Computers.                                                      

DHK-150      Practical on Housekeeping Operations.                                  

DHK-151       Practical on Computer Applications.                                       

DHK-152         Practical on Communication Skills and Office Organization.

 Food and Beverage Services

DFB-101           Introduction to Food and Beverage Services.                                    

DFB-102       Principles of Accounting.                                               

DFB-103       Communication Skills & Office Organization.                                  

DFB-104       Basics of Computers.                                                      

DFB-150      Practical based on Food and Beverage Services.                               

DFB-151       Practical on Computer Applications.                                       

DFB-152            Practical on Communication Skills and Office Organization.